• Inspired by episodes:
  • Discovery: S3E1 TNG: S6E13

Interstellar Communications

Extend your communications experience and make radio contacts across the globe
  • Inspired by episodes:
  • Discovery: S3E1 TNG: S6E13


Use different communication tools to communicate over extended distances after dark.


Starfleet Communications looks after all the various internal and external communications between ships and bases. The Communication Officers, as well as being linguistic experts, have to be trained to use a vast array of communiation tools to enable them to communicate over different distance and at different speeds with all types of vessels and operators. With most of these tools using electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies, the Communication Officers have the capacity to contact the most cultures using the most primitive communicaiton devices as well as beam messages through sub space faster than the speed of light.


As the chief Starfleet Communications officer at your starbase you are in charge of communications with other bases nearby. Unfortunately the communicators aren't working and you need to rely on traditional radio transmissions to contact the other bases on your planet. The ionosphere reflects radiowaves further at night time, make use of these phenomenon to try and contact other starbases as far afield as possible.


Follow the instructions of the amateur radio operators to make connections with other operators from further afield.

Activity Background

Amateur Radio

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Mission Outcomes

By completing this activity, you can show your Unit Council that you can:
  • Operate radios using different frequencies
  • Follow conventions to communicate a message clearly via radio
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Completing Projects using Missions

Using the Scout Method of Plan, Do, Review, you can demonstrate your capabilities to your Unit Council once you have completed this Mission.

Use Terrain to record your goals based on the missions you intend to complete during Star Trek: Survival for presentation to and approval by your Unit Council.

Complete any pre-work that might help you to complete the Mission, such as practicing using maps and radios, or doing research into particular concepts that missions mention that you may not be familiar with, or any other technologies or concepts you are curious about that might help you find success.

Complete the mission at Star Trek: Survival 2022.

Get your Starfleet Report Card from this website at the conclusion of the event to summarise your achievements. These accomplishments can be presented to your Unit Council for Project approval and recorded in Terrain to keep track of your progress.