• Inspired by episodes:
  • TNG: S1E2 TNG: S4E16 TNG: S7E23

The Lower Decks

Troubleshoot, solve, and repair Shuttlecraft systems that have been damaged.
  • Inspired by episodes:
  • TNG: S1E2 TNG: S4E16 TNG: S7E23


Solve electrical puzzles in our escape-room-style Shuttlecraft to get all of the ships systems back online fast.


Whilst it often seems like the Bridge is where all the action is at on a Starfleet ship the crews of the Lower Decks also have their fair share of the fun. Whatever extreme conditions are thrown at them, the Lower Decks team will work day and night to keep the ship running and get crucial systems back online fast. It takes a certain type of character to be able to fight off a giant spider, deal with floods, extreme temperature conditions and blackouts or talk down an angry Klingon at the same time as solving the complex electrical puzzle needed to get the ship's warp core back online. Have you got what it takes to join the Lower Decks crew?


An unexpected EM pulse has wreaked havoc with the shutte's systems and EVERYTHING has crashed. The Captain is worried the pulse was a deliberate attack and has ordered the Lower Decks crew to get the systems back up and running as fast as possible. How quickly can you rebuild the shuttle?


Open up all the shuttle panels and trouble shoot the problems you encounter until all the shuttle systems are back online.

Activity Background

Escape room style electronics and logic puzzles

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Mission Outcomes

By completing this activity, you can show your Unit Council that you can:
  • Apply logic to fault find and solve problems
  • Repair space shuttle sub systems
  • Collaborate with team members to effectively divide team expertise and complete multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Adapt a plan in a high pressure situation
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Completing Projects using Missions

Using the Scout Method of Plan, Do, Review, you can demonstrate your capabilities to your Unit Council once you have completed this Mission.

Use Terrain to record your goals based on the missions you intend to complete during Star Trek: Survival for presentation to and approval by your Unit Council.

Complete any pre-work that might help you to complete the Mission, such as practicing using maps and radios, or doing research into particular concepts that missions mention that you may not be familiar with, or any other technologies or concepts you are curious about that might help you find success.

Complete the mission at Star Trek: Survival 2022.

Get your Starfleet Report Card from this website at the conclusion of the event to summarise your achievements. These accomplishments can be presented to your Unit Council for Project approval and recorded in Terrain to keep track of your progress.