Starfleet Officer Orders

We hope you're ready for the newest adventure that Scouting has to offer. Below are instructions for Starfleet Officers and Staff, and includes all information on preparing for and attending Star Trek: Survival.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team members for assistance.


If you haven’t already, please pay your Invoice for Star Trek: Survival. This is accessible by logging into the event portal at, and select “Update/Edit Registration” and then select the Green (online version) or Red (download PDF version) button to access the relevant invoice and make payment by bank transfer.

All participants are also required to complete the pre-event COVID screening at using the Event ID Number 1072, no earlier than 48 hours prior to the start of the event (i.e. from Jun 29, 2022 onwards).

Packing for Mafeking

Mafeking in Winter is literally freezing. Averaging at 500m above sea level, we’re lucky to avoid much of the fog and rain that Melbourne experiences, but the price for that is a much lower average temperature. Forecasts indicate that we’re set for a single-digit weekend with freezing overnight minimums, so pack in layers and pack warm. Buildings and Marquees will be heated with fires and jet blowers to ensure that we’re all toasty and comfortable, but getting around on foot is a chilly task. Our youth members will be covering a lot of ground between activities to help get the blood flowing, but as a staff member you’re unlikely to cover the same distances to keep you warm too so dress accordingly.

You will only need to bring personal sleeping equipment, including tent, warm sleeping bag, blanket(s), clothes, and toiletries. Hot showers are available at any time. No dilly bag is required as the event is fully catered and all utensils will be provided. Check the gear list to make sure you have all the personal equipment you need for the weekend and talk to your Scout leaders about how to dress for the weather conditions.

Arrival at Mafeking

Mafeking Rover Park is accessible from Melbourne via Yea or Seymour. Feel free to use your GPS/Maps app, but directions are provided below as reception through Highlands is intermittent with Telstra and rare with other providers.

From Yea, join the Goulbourn Valley Highway and head towards Seymour. The turn off for Ghin Ghin Road is on the right. It’s a country road, so be sure to drive cautiously as it is well known for having tight turns, unsealed/bumpy sections, and natural debris on the road. The 80 km/h speed limit is for good driving conditions and is there for your safety, but please slow down and drive to the conditions of the road, particularly in fog. I was going 50 myself on the way to the Park this week. Continue along Ghin Ghin Road on to Highlands Road. From Ghin Ghin Road it takes up to 40 mins to Mafeking into the Highlands when driving slowly. Continue past the Highlands CFA and Highlands Primary School (on the left) to Highlands Road, and continue to large white letterbox with Mafeking Rover Park written on it. Turn left to enter.

From Seymour, head towards the Goulburn Valley Highway (east side of Seymour Train Station). While you can continue on the GVH to Ghin Ghin Road just before Yea, you’re best to head under the rail bridge, and take a left turn onto Delatite Road, and then a right onto Highlands Road. Continue along Highlands road, which starts with a long straight before a few tight turns and then the wind up into the Highlands. When you reach Highlands, the Primary School and Highlands CFA will be on the right. Take the left to continue along Highlands Road towards Mafeking Rover Park.

Job Allocations

Jobs for Star Trek: Survival are based on two categories: Program delivery and Youth support. These titles are loose and the event is very much a job-share situation. Some specifics for these areas are provided below, but note that you may be asked to help and contribute ad hoc for simple tasks that may be outside your area of expertise – please speak up if you’re not capable of performing that task, but know that they will not be too burdensome and that your Starfleet Officer/Scouting resilience is being counted on for a successful event.

Program Delivery

If you are running an activity, have signed up for an activity, have already been approached to assist with an activity, move on, nothing more to see here! We’ll need all the help we can get with running activities, and they’re really cool activities too. Leaders coming without a specific task will be allocated on arrival. There will likely be opportunity to change and help with different activities during the weekend, so if you’d like a break or a change of scenery, please speak with Starfleet Administration between program sessions to see where we can slot you in to ensure that all activities can run smoothly.

Youth Support/Line Leaders

If you are attending to support Scouts in your Unit in the lines, you’re asked to camp near your Patrols and notify them where you can be found in the evening if they require assistance. Please make yourself known to other nearby Scouts in that area by introducing yourself and offer them support too – not every patrol is fortunate enough to have a leader as keen as you are attending this event, and all will require support as this event is new and exciting. Some have not camped in over 2 years, if at all, and may need assistance setting up their tents. Please be helpful and encourage your Patrols to be helpful too.

During the day, unless a Patrol has a specific requirement for a Carer to be in attendance, Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers are expected to participate without a Leader accompanying them. Each youth member will receive a Radio and instructions on how to use it, including participation in activities, and asking for help over the radio at any time during the event. This event will be navigated using this device, and help with this is available in person at any activity, by our Event Team, or at Starfleet Command or Starfleet Administration to assist youth where required. Please feel free to direct them to those locations to seek assistance where needed.

Medical Assistance

Please note we have a large team with Starfleet Medical available 24 hours a day. Captain Dr Mitch Kraan leads the USS Pasteur, located in the Main Hall. Any welfare or medical attention can be accessed here, and deployed remotely across the site if required. They can be contacted remotely on the “EMGCY” Channel on site radios, through Starfleet Command on UHF CB Channel 14, or by calling 03 9112 5884 (option 1).


As mentioned, this event is fully catered. Each meal offers warm food items compatible with your species’ digestive system. Please do not bring other foods as they may present a threat to other life forms. All waste is to be disposed of in appropriate containers in accordance with Starfleet Waste Reclamation protocols. Unfortunately, some of our replicators are not functioning and cannot perform their cleaning cycles.

You will be asked to clean your dining utensils before and after each meal to ensure sanitation is enjoyed by all.

Depending on seating availability, dining may have some staggering to ensure that Youth members are fed first. There is plenty of food for all, it’s just a matter of ensuring that we feed our most vulnerable first. We do have dining overflow solutions but again, a new event means new ways of doing things.

Friday evening

Please assist Patrols to set up their camping sites. Patrols may camp anywhere within the designated camping bay. Scouts and their Adult Leaders will be allocated to the USS Enterprise and the USS Stargazer. Venturer Participants and Venturer Staff will camp at the USS Voyager. Rovers will camp at the USS Defiant. All other Adult Leaders will camp at the USS Excelsior. Admirals can be found camping adjacent to Starfleet Command

Once campsites are set up, Recruits will be instructed to report to the Encounter at Farpoint Mission at approximately 8.30pm. The Mission is a tutorial-type mission designed to introduce them to radios and the flow process for Star Trek: Survival. This is will present itself as "organised chaos". It's really important that Youth members arrive to this activity on time, so if you are a Line Leader, anything can do to help them get their camp setup and be ready by 8.30pm will be appreciated.

Evening Activities

Three evening activities are on offer Saturday evening – Amateur Radio on Mt Quafftumbla (Interstellar Communications), Telescope observations (Stellar Cartography), and Historical Document viewing (screening of Star Trek: 2009). Youth members will be sent to bed at the conclusion of the movie, likely 10:30pm.

Getting Help

If you have reception, you can call 03 9112 5884 at any time for any reason for a direct line to the Event Captains team who can then direct your query.

All emergencies should be reported to Starfleet Command or Starfleet Administration immediately. If you call 000 for any reason, Starfleet Command must be notified immediately. Starfleet Command can be accessed using the Fleet radios on the “EMGCY” radio channel which goes directly to our Welfare Team and is monitored by Starfleet Command. You can also contact Starfleet Command on UHF CB Channel 14 (Mafeking Site Channel). Youth members will be given a list of channels, their purpose, and protocols for Star Trek: Survival on arrival.

Packing Up

Much like Star Trek: The Next Generation, All Good Things (S7 E23&24) must come to an end, and Star Trek: Survival is no different. Activities will close from 12pm. Youth members will be sent to have lunch and then pack up their tents, and activities will be asked to start packing down immediately. Please help as much as possible so that you can depart on time with Youth members at 2pm if necessary, but additional help with the team until 4pm would be appreciated as it will be all hands on deck to pack up. We anticipate that if each activity team packs up its own infrastructure, it will only take 2 hours to pack up everything and get home safely.

Thank you

We can’t manage successful Scouting event without your help, and we’re sure this event is going to be a massive success. Thanks for being part of it. We’d love your feedback on the event, so please take mental notes and provide your thoughts post-event so that we can see if we can replicate the success we anticipate again in the future!