Welcome to Starfleet!

We hope you're ready for the newest adventure that Scouting has to offer. Below are instructions for new recruits, and includes all information on how to plan your missions, patrols, and preparation instructions for the event.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team members for assistance.

Log in to the event portal to complete any outstanding payments, select your Mission Preferences, and submit Patrol Preferences.


Don't forget to make your payment for the event. Your invoice can be found by logging into the event portal, and then selecting "View/Update Registration" button. There your invoice will be available to view online or to download.

Health and Dietary information

Check that you have entered dietary information into the registration system and that both your health and dietary information is up to date on Operoo. If you have been registered for more than 48 hours and haven’t received an Operoo event notification yet please contact our team.

All participants are also required to complete the pre-event COVID screening at https://forms.office.com/r/kwuECBGrXQ using the Event ID Number 1072, no earlier than 48 hours prior to the start of the event (i.e. from Jun 29, 2022 onwards).

Selecting Missions

From the event portal, select "View/Update Mission Preferences" and follow the prompts to select your top 5 preferred activities to complete over the course of the weekend. Preferences can be nominated by members of either a Social or a Project Patrol, but note that only Project Patrols will be guaranteed to complete their top 5 preferences.

You can review the details of each Mission from the main website.

Forming Event Patrols

Venturer Scouts will operate in Patrols of 4 to 7 youth members. From the event portal, select "View/Update Patrol Preferences" and follow the prompts to select your preferred Patrol type, and nominate those you wish to be with. Remember that those nominating Project Patrols should have identical or similar mission interests if they wish to be paired together.

Project Patrols will be formed primarily on their mission selections, and secondary on who they nominate to participate with.

Social Patrols will be formed primarily on their preference for who the list as their Patrol Members, and secondary on which Missions they wish to complete.

You do not have to fill every slot of your Patrol if you only have preference for a few friends. Patrols of Scouts will be filled from within their own District/Region if there are vacancies, and may even be formed beyond geographical boundaries. This allows great opportunities to make new friends.

Special Interest Area projects

Remember that if you want to complete a Special Interest Area project by participating in Star Trek Survival it is up to you to complete a Plan and present it to your Unit Council outlining what you want to achieve. We have provided advice on how to complete this process and the Mission Outcomes listed for each Mission should help you in formulating your goals.

If you are in a Project Patrol you can base your SIA plan on the Mission preferences you have entered individually. If you are in a Social Patrol we can’t guarantee everyone will get to do their individual preferences. Talk to the rest of your patrol, see what your common preferences are and use this to guide your SIA Plan.


You will be camping with your patrol. Each patrol will need to provide their own tents and know how to put them up. We will provide heated recreation spaces and campfire drums so all you need to focus on is your sleeping tents. This event is fully catered so no need to bring cooking equipment or dilly bags either. It will be cold at Mafeking and likely wet so you need to come adequately prepared. Check the gear list to make sure you have all the personal equipment you need for the weekend and talk to your Scout leaders about how to dress for the weather conditions.

Leader Camping

Scout Leaders are welcome to camp with their Patrols by registering as a Staff member. Staffing preferences will allow Scout Leaders to nominate their sleeping arrangements by selecting their preferred activity as a Line Leader.


This event is fully catered for the whole weekend. Meals include Friday and Saturday Supper, Saturday and Sunday breakfasts, morning teas, lunches, and afternoon teas, and Saturday dinner and supper.

Specific menu options will be provided, with meal adjustments made available for special diets.

Please feel free to request a discussion with the Catering team in the Dietary Requirement notes section during registration and a team member will contact you to discuss your specific needs.


Patrol members will need to make their way to Mafeking Rover Park via private transport. Mafeking can be conveniently accessed via Seymour and Yea.