• Inspired by episodes:
  • TNG: S2E8 TNG: S2E20 TNG: S3E17 TNG: S7E21 TOS: S1E15

Klingon's Say "Qapla'!"

Discover what it means to be Klingon and give your stomach a taste of Gagh (best served live)
  • Inspired by episodes:
  • TNG: S2E8 TNG: S2E20 TNG: S3E17 TNG: S7E21 TOS: S1E15


Explore the food and language of the Klingon culture and compare them to your own normality.


The Klingon's are a proud race of warriors, known for being ruthless but with a strict sense of honour. Once treated as enemies by Starfleet ships, nowdays the Federation and the Klingons have a mutual respect for each other. However, differences in culture and communication often cause misunderstandings and at times fundamental disagreements over purpose lead to the fragile alliance being tested. You may one day take part in an offcer exchange program with a Klingon ship, perhaps you will serve with Klingon Starfleet Officers or maybe you will need to liaise with Klingons as part of a future mission. Whatever your future as a Starfleet Officer holds, having a thorough understanding of Klingon culture will be essential for you to liaise and communicate effectively with Klingons. At this training base you will come to appreciate the intricacies of Klingon culture first hand.

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Mission Outcomes

By completing this activity, you can show your Unit Council that you can:


  • Identify different flavours in unfamiliar foods
  • I can cook a snack in a fire (OAS Bushcraft Level 2)
  • Learn about a different language and culture

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Completing Projects using Missions

Using the Scout Method of Plan, Do, Review, you can demonstrate your capabilities to your Unit Council once you have completed this Mission.

Use Terrain to record your goals based on the missions you intend to complete during Star Trek: Survival for presentation to and approval by your Unit Council.

Complete any pre-work that might help you to complete the Mission, such as practicing using maps and radios, or doing research into particular concepts that missions mention that you may not be familiar with, or any other technologies or concepts you are curious about that might help you find success.

Complete the mission at Star Trek: Survival 2024.

Get your Starfleet Report Card from this website at the conclusion of the event to summarise your achievements. These accomplishments can be presented to your Unit Council for Project approval and recorded in Terrain to keep track of your progress.