Information for Recruits and Parents


At Star Trek: Survival, your Patrol will complete a number of Missions as part of our Starfleet Recruit training program. During the registration process you will enter your Mission preferences and then your Patrol will be allocated to Missions during the event based on availability.

Completing Missions at Star Trek: Survival provides an excellent opportunity to undertake Special Interest Area Projects. You just need to make sure you set your project goals and discuss them with your Unit Council prior to the event.

Our experts at Starfleet Command will be using our custom-made distribution software to allocate you to your Missions live throughout the event. You will find out some of your Missions in advance to help you plan for and set SIA Project goals but many of your Missions you will find out as you go.

All our Missions are available to all Patrols, but the exact nature of the activities completed within a Mission may be adjusted to suit the ability level of the Patrol. Read through all the Mission descriptions so that you can input your Mission Preferences when you are registering. You won’t have enough time to complete all the Missions so choose wisely!

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At StarTrek: Survival you will complete all of your Missions with your Patrol.

Patrols must meet the following requirements:

  • Between 4 and 7 members
  • Mixed sections are allowed within a Patrol but similar age groups are recommended
  • If the patrol includes Joey Scouts or Cub Scouts then a Line Leader must be assigned to the Patrol

Youth Members will be able to select their Patrol during the registration process. They can create a new Patrol, join an existing Patrol or confirm their registration to a Patrol that a Leader has already placed them in. Leaders have the ability to access the registration system and change the Patrol that a Youth Member is assigned to.

Usually Patrols will contain Youth Members from the same Scout Group, but if a complete Patrol cannot be formed from within a Group then the Star Trek: Survival Admin Team will assist in forming combined Patrols on a case by case basis.

Camping and Catering

For this event you will be camping and eating with your Event Unit which will be managed by Leaders from your Group. Make sure you have a conversation with your Leaders and Unit Council and check who else is going to be attending. You will need the support of your Event Unit to organise camping equipment, catering and transport. Catering costs are not included in the event ticket price and will be organised separately by your Event Unit.


Mafeking Rover Park is located in Caveat, near Yea and Seymour and is approximately 1.5-2 hours north of Melbourne. The road address is 338 Caveat-Dropmore Rd, Caveat.

Youth Members and their parents will need to coordinate with their Event Unit leaders on transport options to and from camp. Youth members are allowed onsite from 4 pm Friday and departure is from camp close at 2:30 pm Sunday.