a STEM adventure experience
at Mafeking Rover Park
for all Scouting Members
1.07.2022 - 3.07.2022


Star Trek: Survival - a Scouting Frontier.
These voyages will form your program journey.
Your weekend mission, to explore new ideas and new worlds.
To seek new friends through co-operation.
To work together and to achieve common goals.

Star Trek: Survival prepares Recruits for their first Missions as Starfleet Officers. Preparations provide skill development across areas including electrical system troubleshooting, diplomatic negotiations when meeting new cultures, geological surveys of hostile environments, and extended technical and interpersonal communications skills.

Welcome to
Starfleet Academy

Due to a clumsy Klingon causing an incident at Starfleet Academy's primary Survial Training Facility and making it inoperable, the Survival Course has been relocated to Mafeking Rover Park.

The Park is a raw and untamed environment, and is a most suitable location for Starfleet Recruits to have their resilience and resourcefulness tested.

Project Patrols and Social Patrols

Recruits will be invited to join either a Project Patrol or a Social Patrol to complete their Missions.

Project Patrols consist of members who have selected the same or similar Mission preferences, whereas Social Patrols consist of Recruits who decide their own Patrol members.

Invitations to complete this step will be sent out soon to those who have already enlisted.

Navigating the Event

Patrols will be directed through their Missions via radio to Starfleet Command.

Starfleet Command will dispatch Patrols so that each Patrol completes their preferred Missions to ensure they meet their SIA program objectives.

These results can then be presented to Unit Council to contribute towards their SIA achievements.

Starfleet Recruitment

Prepared for members of all ages, brought to you by Venturers, Rovers, and Adult Leaders.

Explore Missions

Star Trek: Survival activities are broken out into Missions

Investigate available Missions at Star Trek: Survival below. Once you have enlisted, you'll be invited to join either a Social Patrol or a Project Patrol based on your Section and Mission availability.

All Venturer and Rover Patrols are required to complete the Service Mission as part of the event.

Project Patrols

Project Patrols are created based on your Mission preferences and formed by Starfleet Command. Patrols will be allocated within their Districts where possible to assist with familiarty and Patrol cohesion.

Recruits will need to enlist before selecting their preferred Missions so that they may be allocated a Project Patrol for the Event.

Social Patrols

Social Patrols are created based on your personal choices, and can include anyone from within your Scouting section.

Recruits will need to enlist before they can create or join a Social Patrol to casually complete Missions based on availability during the event.

Mission Availability

Note that not all Missions are available for every section. Select your section below to see the Missions available for you.

Your Adventure Program Pathway

Use this guide to Plan, Do, and Review your own program pathway to achieve a Special Interest Area (SIA) project for STEM & Innovation
  • Step 1

    Plan your Adventure

    Review the Missions available at Star Trek Survival, and think about what outcomes you can achieve towards a Special Interest Area.

    Each Mission has a set of outcomes that you can use to determine possible achievements from the Missions. These outcomes provide you with a guide to help you Plan your achievements.

  • Step 2

    Propose the Plan to Unit Council

    Once you've shaped your program outcomes, present your plan to your Unit Council for approval.

    Don't forget to include backup plans in case your Mission can't be completed. You can do this by thinking about other ways you can achieve your goals, like doing similar alternative Missions or completing a follow-up activity.

    Your Unit Council can guide you with this, and by preparing a "Plan B" in your Plan, it is easier to succeed.

  • Step 3

    Start Doing!

    You can start to Doing work towards your Special Interest Area project before the event.

    Begin any tasks that will help you prepare or make you ready for Star Trek: Survival. This could be in the form of research, skill-building, or whatever you think will help you achieve your plans as outlined to your Unit Council

    Keep an eye on the Mission pages in the lead up to the event, especially the ones that you have selected as your preferred Missions.

  • Step 4

    Experience your program at the event

    As a Patrol, Do as many Missions as you can. The number of Missions you complete is up to you, so the more you participate, the more you can achieve, and the more you can include in your project.

    Star Trek: Survival is an oppotunity to learn, ask questions, make friends, and kick goals by following your Plan and ticking off Missions Outcomes as you complete each one.

  • Step 5

    Complete your achievements

    Finalise any outstanding tasks you may have to Do to complete your Plan towards your Special Interest Area project.

  • Step 6

    Review your hard work

    Review your achievements with your Unit Council to share your success to get your project signed off!
    Take the time to Review more advanced features of the program areas you have discovered on your journey.

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