StarTrek:Survival StarTrek:Survival
an immersive adventure experience
for all Scouting Members
at Mafeking Rover Park
26.04.2024 - 28.04.2024

What is Star Trek: Survival?

Star Trek: Survival is an immersive Scouting adventure that explores all areas of the Scouting Program.
Explore over 30 Program activities as a Patrol and discover new skills and interests!

Welcome to
Starfleet Academy

Mafeking Rover Park hosts Starfleet Academy's advanced Program exploration facility, designed specifically for Scouting members.

Starfleet Recruits will have their resilience, resourcefulness, and communications skills tested as they explore a raw and untamed environment with ample room for an immersive wide space adventure.

Patrols will cook and camp in Event Units, with plenty of time available for activities, too. Section Leaders must accompany Joey Scout and Cub Scout Patrols.

your Adventure

Armed with a radio and a full snack pack, Patrols launch from Mission to Mission at their own pace across Mafeking Rover Park, starting each Mission on arrival and calling Starfleet Command on their radio when they're ready for their next Mission.

There's little waiting for activities here - we've thrown the rotational activity schedule out the airlock, and prepared a fast-paced, immersive story adventure for Patrols of all ages!

Need a break? Explore the adventure story that develops as the weekend progresses and solve the Section 31 Cadet Challenge.

Star Trek: Survival has something for everyone.
This isn't your average Scout Camp - this is the next evolution of an immersive Scouting experience for all members (even Leaders!).

Starfleet Recruitment

Prepared for members of all ages, brought to you by Venturers, Rovers, and Adult Leaders.

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