Information for Leaders

Formation Support Information

Leaders can now view a list of members from their formation who have registered for Star Trek: Survival. Use the link below to login and access this page. You can also access this page from the Formation Support button after logging into your own registration page.

Please be patient, as this page may take up to 1min to load. We are working to reduce this timeframe.

Event Information

Leaders should familiarise themselves with the information on this page as well as the Information for Recruits and Parents and How to Register.

Before registering for this event Leaders should clarify their understanding of Leader Camping and Catering and the different Leader Roles as outlined below.

All Leaders will find the Event Timeline resource helpful.

For anyone attending the event as a Line Leader or providing administrative support to help Youth Members from within their group to register and prepare for Star Trek: Survival please familiarise yourself with the Event Unit Requirements and the information for Managing Patrols.

Leader Roles

Leaders, Adult Helpers, Rovers, and Venturers who are attending as event staff will be required to select one of the following four Leader roles as part of the registration process. At Star Trek: Survival a “Leader” refers to anyone, youth or adult, volunteering for one of the positions of responsibility described below.

Line Leader

A Line Leader’s primary responsibility is to support the Youth Members within their Event Unit. This could be through:

  • Patrol Support - assigned to support an individual patrol for the duration of the event (required for any patrol containing Joey Scouts or Cub Scouts).
  • Unit Support - assisting with catering, campsite maintenance or general wellbeing support.

Line Leaders from within an Event Unit can negotiate how best to share the Patrol Support and Unit Support responsibilities between themselves over the course of a weekend.

Activity Leader

These Leaders are assigned to a Mission and will assist with Program delivery over the course of the weekend. Their assistance is required during pre-defined activity times and where possible during setting up and packing up of the activities. Sometimes an Activity Leader will be a Subject Matter Expert specifically selected to share a particular skillset but, for most of our Missions, we welcome Activity Leaders who are happy to receive on the job training from their Mission Commanders.

As an Activity Leader, you can request to be assigned to a particular Mission or to be allocated where needed by our team.

Operations Leader

Operations Leaders provide general event support and include roles such as Event Leadership, Admin, Sites and Services, Power and Comms, Welfare and Catering. Anyone is welcome to apply to be an Operations Leader.


In cases where a Youth Member requires additional support and will need a dedicated Carer to attend Star Trek: Survival with them, we ask that the Carer registers as a Carer, rather than Line Leader, so that it is clear to our Admin Team that they cannot reassign that member to other duties or include them in the Leader ratios for the Event Unit. As with all Leader roles, Carers must be registered Adult Members of Scouts Victoria to attend this event.

Leader Camping and Catering

It is expected that all Line Leaders and Carers will be camping and catering with their Event Unit as part of their role in supporting Youth Members. All Line Leaders and Carers should select a self-catering ticket when registering.

Activity Leaders and Operations Leaders may choose to camp and cater with an Event Unit, however, an Event Catering option is also available for $45. Event Catering includes meals from Supper on Friday through to Lunch on Sunday. Separate camping areas will also be available for Leaders who are not camping with an Event Unit.

Event Timeline

A detailed Event Timeline will be made available here soon to assist Leaders with planning.

Key times for leaders to be aware of are:

  • 9am Thursday 25th April - Event Team Onsite - site open for Leaders to commence bump-in
  • 4pm Friday 26th April - Gates Open for Arrival - site open for Participants
  • 8:30pm Friday 26th April - Program Commences (activity repeated Saturday AM so arrival by this time is not mandatory)
  • 2pm Sunday 28th April - Closing Parade
  • 2:30pm Sunday 28th April - Gates Open for Departure

Event Unit Requirements

All the Patrols from your Group will be members of the same Event Unit*. It is the responsibility of the leaders in your Event Unit to make sure the Event Unit Requirements below are met.

Adult Support

Any patrol that contains Joey Scouts or Cub Scouts must have a Line Leader allocated to accompany them to Missions for the duration of the event.

Scout and Venturer Patrols do not require a Line Leader allocated to work with them on Missions but they should still have a Line Leader from their Event Unit attending the event for general support.

The Event Unit must have enough Line Leaders attending overall to support any Joey and Cub Patrols with completing Missions as well as provide general camping, catering and welfare support.


Line Leaders should work with Youth Members to coordinate catering for their Event Unit from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon. Taps with drinking water will be provided near campsites but these taps will need to be shared by multiple campsites. Only approved gas cooking equipment should be used and fire safety equipment should be appropriately located within campsites.

When planning the lunch menu for Saturday, keep in mind that Patrols may break for lunch at different times, so a simple lunch that can be either pre-packed or served cold will work best.


Event Units will need to provide/coordinate sleeping tents and shelters for their members. Star Trek: Survival will provide skip bins for disposal of rubbish and sufficient toilet and shower facilities. Camping will be in pre-assigned areas that will be clearly communicated at check-in. No campfires or open fires of any type are allowed. Trailers may be kept onsite only if they can be well secured and are not at risk of rolling.

A Packing List (link here) has been provided for our Starfleet Recruits. You can edit and adapt this list if you have specific requirements for your Event Unit regarding bedding, costumes etc.


Instructions are available on our website for how to get to Mafeking Rover Park (link here to Getting to Mafeking Rover Park). Event Units should communicate with their members to coordinate transport and ensure that Youth Members do not arrive onsite before Line Leaders have arrived. Cars will need to be removed from the camping areas to the car park no later than 10pm on Friday.

Welfare and First Aid

Event Units should be prepared to triage minor Welfare and First Aid issues themselves but we have a highly qualified and experienced Welfare team onsite ready to assist with anything that requires more support.

*In cases where the limited number of adults or number of youth attending from a Group means that they cannot operate effectively as a standalone Event Unit, the Star Trek: Survival Admin Team will consult with local Scout Groups and form a combined Event Unit with the agreement of all parties involved.

Managing Patrols

Leader access to view registrations and manage Patrols will be rolled out soon and this page will be updated accordingly.